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Hotel furniture marketing, the four strategies


The economic environment, the key to success lies in furniture marketing companies can grip the consumer (including furniture and furniture dealer consumer) hands, they promise to "Together we will weather the storm." Specific performance in the following eight strategies:

1, the establishment of customer associated policies
Furniture companies in the development of marketing strategies, must be established by some of the effective ways of business, customer demand and other aspects related to form a mutual aid, mutual demand, required mutual relationship, the customer and the business together, reducing customer loss, in order to improve customer loyalty and win long-term and stable market. This requires furniture companies do market research budget cuts, but should be more understanding of how to redefine the value of furniture consumers, how to respond to the economic downturn. Faced with a rapidly changing price elasticity curve, when consumers in search of furniture products will be more careful when you drive a hard bargain will be more powerful. Compared with the past, they are more willing to postpone purchases, the purchase of low-end furniture products, or reduce the number of purchases. Before we must have some furniture now also become dispensable. In particular, access to the trust's furniture brand respected by others, and the furniture brand will continue to launch new products successfully, but interest in the brand new furniture and new furniture product line gradually subsided, to enhance their image or tasteful furniture products through sports Consumer behavior will be less and less.

2. Focus on the Family Values ​​Strategy
Has been very clear, in the face of the crisis struck, people preferred response is "stay at home, compression overhead," 41.9 percent of the residents said that the possibility of reducing consumption in 2009 is large, showing a lack of consumer confidence in the overall trend. Judging from the income class, middle-income people the possibility of reducing expenses but higher than the low-income groups and high-income groups, which is due to the middle-income class with respect to low-income groups have more flexibility so-called consumer demand, lack of consumer confidence in the situation next, they may choose to save rather than consume, etc. This part of the "spare cash."
Therefore, the furniture enterprises in the advertising, should focus on creating a warm and comfortable family atmosphere, in order to replace the extreme sports, adventures, raunchy individualism and other images. Clown-like humor and aspirations based on outdated. Instead, uncertainty factors have contributed to our homes the same time, try to keep in touch with friends and family. Thus, sales of cards and telephone use, and discretionary spending for home decoration and home entertainment, will continue to rise.
Since the marketing objectives must focus on output, focus on corporate return on marketing activities, so the furniture industry to meet customer needs, providing customers with value, can not do useless things. On the one hand, the return is a necessary condition to maintain market relations; on the other hand, the pursuit of return is the driving force of marketing development, the ultimate value of the furniture marketing, whether in its furniture business to bring short-term or long-term earning capacity.

3, maintain marketing spending strategy
The arrival of the crisis, so that the rapid decline in furniture consumption, especially that at the end of 2008, sales fell by nearly thirty percent than last year, which makes a lot of furniture companies to take measures to reduce marketing costs, in order to compensate for the loss of profits caused by declining sales, which is very dangerous behavior.
Some data indicate that the recession cut marketing investment compared to competitors, increase investment in those brands can pay less than the economic cost of the good, to improve market share and return on investment. Consumers feel uncertain of the product needs to build confidence for their well-known brands - and the next crisis, sitting at home watching TV, the more viewers, the more the number of consumers expected, the lower the cost per thousand. Therefore, financial strength of the furniture can take the opportunity to negotiate with advertisers advertising more favorable price, and required to maintain the original price in the next few years. If you have to cut marketing spending, try to maintain your ad's original broadcast frequency, will shorten the length of 30-second ads Zhuanzhai in China Wine News? China Wine News Network to 15 seconds, with radio ads instead of TV advertising, or increase direct marketing efforts. These practices are available to immediate sales results.
In addition, the Chinese furniture enterprises Most companies are inclined to say that listening to customers, but often overlook the importance of listening. In the mutual penetration, market influence, for furniture companies most realistic question is not how to develop, implement planning and control, but how timely listen furniture consumers want, desire and needs, and timely response to meet customer needs. So that it is conducive to the development of the market.

4, adjust product mix strategies
Because "in addition to wages did not rise, the other are up", consumers tend to buy low-grade furniture, furnishings, and excellent value for money (for example, can be a sofa bed), so the furniture industry must re-forecasting each furniture product line furniture product requirements. To be sure, the next crisis, multipurpose furniture than professional furniture products more popular, but weak product line of furniture products should be eliminated.
On office furniture, the low price and high quality furniture will increasingly attack well-known national furniture (because these well-known furniture higher prices for consumers) territory; and for household use home furniture products, customers want more see bundled products and services, provide home decoration design and other services free of charge. During this period, the rhetoric of advertising gimmick had failed, consumers are looking for the furniture product reliability, durability, safety and environmental protection. Furniture industry should continue to timely introduce some new furniture products, particularly those aimed at consumers situation, put pressure on competitors furniture products, furniture products, but advertising should remain focused excellent price, rather than the furniture company's image.

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