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Hotel furniture purchase process three recommendations


1, hotel furniture, construction and materials are required to have a range comply with specifications! Of course, different hotel furniture, surface materials also bad days to do. Such as cabinets, chairs, tables support site, select the material relatively hard material will be relatively strong, to bear the weight of the Leverage can be said that, although the interior did not have much material requirements, but also in its durability qualified, even after decay process. In front of the hotel to buy the furniture found in insect eyes, which is the material problems caused by the drying process. Also, check if the hotel furniture internal decay, a pinch you can pinch, pinch go worrying that the quality can only say. Finally, monitor whether the chemical materials cause harm to humans.
2, hotel furniture, water content not more than 12%. Moreover, it should detect its absorption, especially in the southern city, which is very important. Wooden hotel furniture will breed after absorbing the colony, further oxidation, thus affecting the use and reduce life expectancy.
3, hotel furniture construction must be strong. Chairs, stools, hotel for those dry clothes rack, etc. in the choice of when you can draw on matte paper uniform, throwing Yishuai, crisp sound can explain better quality; If the sound is not nice but with the noise, indicating that combine quality mortise low, and the structure is not strong.

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